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PT 2400 TWIN

Transport platform (people and material)

The transport platform PT2400 Twin mast  allows the transport of material and people with a load capacity of up to 2400 kg. Functional and easy to install, it is an ideal product to carry out works ar height.

It can also be used with separate masts with the help of a splitting kit that converts it into 2 PT1200 platforms.


 Main features:

  • Load capacity: 2400kg

  • Lifting speed: 12m/min

  • Power supply: 400V

  • Max height with tied mast: 120m

1 Load capacity 2400 Kg
2 Lifting speed 12 m/min
3 Max mast height with tied mast 120 m
4 Platform internal dimensions 3,2x2 m
5 Supply voltage 400 V - 50 Hz
6 Engine power 4x3 kW
7 Power supply 10 kW
8 2100 Kg

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