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H 2000

Construction hoist for people and material

Construction hoist H2000 by Salerno Ponteggi is a versatile product that facilitates operations on medium and large construction sites. Equipped with a floor preselection movement system, it meets the highest safety standards.

Main features:

  • Load capacity: 2000kg

  • Lifting speed: 40m/min

  • Power supply: 400V

  • Max height with tied mast: 200m

  • Cage size: 3,2x 1,5x 2,5m

wdt_ID H 2000 -
1 Load capacity 2000 Kg
2 Lifting speed 40 m/min
3 Max mast height with tied mast 200 m
4 Platform internal dimensions 3,2x1,5 m
5 Supply voltage 400 V - 50 Hz
6 Engine power 3x7,5 kW
7 Power supply 30 kW
8 Base unit weight 1500 Kg

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